Carton-pierre was a material used in the 18th century to make the architectural ornaments of famous buildings such as Versailles, Fontainebleau or Chambord. Replaced by synthetic materials, it disappeared over the centuries. In 2015, the Atelier d'Offard revived it.

Initially created to recycle paper scraps from the workshop, carton-pierre took more than 3 years of research before it was created. It has a fabulous ability to act as a glue with other materials. It can be mixed with coffee grounds, wood powder, ashes, cork... giving us a rich palette of textures and colours comparable to a catalogue of natural stones.

Composed of paper pulp, chalk powder, natural glue and linseed oil, it can be worked like ceramics, by moulding, turning, casting or in slabs, and takes on a stony appearance after drying. Carton-pierre is a 100% organic and mineral material, recycled and biodegradable.