We believe that ecology is not a constraint or a brake in creation but a vector of new excitements and new desires. We think that it is not necessary to multiply the proposals but that a small collection, thought and manufactured in the same place expresses by itself its legitimacy.

Local and recycled raw materials. 100% handmade in France.

The renaissance of a material

The carton-pierre was a material used in the 18th century to make the architectural ornaments of famous buildings such as Versailles, Fontainebleau or Chambord. Replaced by synthetic materials, it disappeared over the centuries. In 2015, the Atelier d'Offard is reviving it. 

A multi-faceted material

Initially created to recycle paper scraps from the workshop, the carton-pierre took over 3 years of research before it was born. It has a fabulous capacity: acting as a glue with other materials, it can be mixed with coffee grounds, wood powder, ashes, cork... Offering us a rich palette of textures and colours comparable to a catalogue of natural stones. 

Composed of paper pulp, chalk powder, natural glue and linseed oil, it can be worked like ceramics, by moulding, turning, casting or in slabs, and takes on a stony appearance after drying. The carton-pierre is a 100% organic and mineral material, recycled and biodegradable. 

A technique of history

Handblock printing is a know-how that originated in the great French wallpaper factories of the 18th century, and gave France its international reputation as a country of style and taste. Replaced by industrial processes it gradually disappeared over the centuries.

Precision from hand to tool

Our designs are block printed for the pictorial richness created by the craftsman's gesture, the appearance of paint pressed onto the paper, the movement of the pigment, the quality of the materials, raw and deep. 

Handblock printing consists of transferring the paint onto the paper by means of an engraved stamp: the plate. This pad, inked with a roller, is placed on the paper and then pressed under several tons. Colour after colour, the pattern appears. 

  • L'atelier d'Offard

    L'Atelier d'Offard perpetuates the know-how of the wallpapers of the great 18th and 19th century factories.

    In a spirit of research and innovation, the company combines the mastery of traditional techniques with modern processes and tools. It rediscovers and reinvents the use of paper in decoration.

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  • Fedrigoni

    An Italian company, Fedrigoni is at the heart of the production of high quality papers. With a strong commitment to sustainability, attention to low environmental impact processes is an integral part of their way of working.

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  • Montgolfier

    The Telegraphe is one of the third places, these hybrid spaces designed for living together. Located in Toulon, in the heart of the city, it is a proposal turned towards the other: a laboratory of emergence, sociability, experience and creativity, where cultural proposals and good food intermingle.

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  • Gerstaecker

    Our letterpress inks come exclusively from this German company founded in 1953.

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